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Brewster Personal Injury is a highly specialized Personal Injury Law Firm that handles cases with severe injuries, including: wrongful death, catastrophic injuries, broken bones, surgery, incapacitation (quadriplegics, paraplegics, paralysis), and much more.

You may have a case if you’ve been hurt through no fault of your own. Personal injury lawsuits attempt to recover financial damages from the negligent party to compensate the victim for their injuries.

Although money can never completely make up for the pain and suffering that a severe personal injury causes to the victim and their family, adequate compensation can relieve the financial distress that usually results from an unexpected tragedy. In other words, it lets you stop worrying about paying the bills so that you can focus your energy on what’s really important, your recovery.

Personal injuries can be a result of the actions, the inaction or the negligence of one or more individuals or organizations. The most common causes in the San Francisco Bay Area include traffic accidents, medical malpractice, wrongful death and workplace accidents, but anytime you’re injured due to no fault of your own, it can fall under the legal definition of personal injury.

When your claim is presented in a court of law, you must prove that the other party was both liable and negligent to recover. This means that they were legally required to exercise a certain level of care, they failed to do so and that you were injured or damaged in some way.

You can rely on the skills and knowledge of an experienced San Francisco Bay Area personal injury lawyer to know the relevant laws and case studies inside and out. This professional will be able to look at your claim from a completely different viewpoint to identify all the possible angles to maximize your compensation package while ensuring that no detail, no matter how small, is overlooked.

Of course, the insurance company may tell you something different. They are trained to give you the impression that they are acting in good faith and protecting your interests while trying to minimize their financial exposure. Here’s a little secret: Even your insurance company doesn’t work to protect your interests when it comes to a payout. Their ultimate responsibility is to work within the boundaries of the law to pay you as little as possible and avoid an expensive lawsuit.

An experienced East Bay Area & Richmond, CA personal injury lawyer will provide you with peace of mind and the time to heal. Once you have expert knowledge and years of experience on your side, you’ll feel like you’ve started to take control of the situation, and your life, once again. If you’ve been losing sleep worrying about negotiating with the insurance company and meeting your financial obligations, a single consultation can help you find that peace of mind!

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