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If you or a loved one has been in a car crash, especially one caused by a drunk or negligent driver, you might be entitled to damages to cover the economic and emotional distress of the accident. Experienced personal injury lawyer Scott Brewster can evaluate your case and plan a legal strategy to recover what you are owed. With experienced Bay Area attorney Scott Brewster, you can be sure that your lawyer has faced the courtroom and corporate litigators who will try to block your claim to damages.

Scott Brewster has built his career on personalized advocacy for his clients. Mr. Brewster works directly with his clients to understand the details of each case.  When you’re going up against major insurance companies, you need a competent, dedicated, experienced attorney on your side. You need a seasoned car accident attorney like Scott Brewster.

An insurance company may have already provided a replacement or paid repair costs, but they’re interested in limiting their own liability, not protecting you and your family. Lost wages due to injuries and rehab, emotional trauma, and mounting medical bills can continue to haunt you years after an accident.  Brewster Personal Injury will tirelessly fight to reclaim damages for you and your family.

Car accidents can be devastating. Even low-speed accidents can leave you and your passengers with permanent disabilities and chronic pain. High-speed accidents from reckless driving and street racing can often permanently impair sight and mobility.

A car accident lawyer can help you recover by winning damages that can ease the burden. With Scott Brewster on your side, you can focus on recovering while he fights the good fight to secure what you are owed.  

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